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William Fox-Pitt (GBR) wins the 2014 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event

William Fox-Pitt (GBR) wins the 2014 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event


(USA, 27 April 2014) William Fox-Pitt (GBR) riding Bay My Hero, today Sunday 27 April 2014, wins the 2014 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, with Lauren Kieffer (USA) riding Veronica in 2nd place, and Bruce (Buck) Davidson Jr. (USA) riding Ballynoe Castle RM in 3rd place, in Lexington.

William Fox-Pitt won the 2014 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event after a dramatic day’s show jumping in the Rolex Stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park. Having earlier completed another superb clear round on his first ride of the day aboard Sea Cookie, Fox-Pitt kept his nerve riding the beautiful Bay My Hero to complete a perfect clear round of show jumping in front of the packed stadium. Lauren Kieffer (USA) finished in second place after a superb clear round finishing on her dressage score and the leading USA rider. Bruce (Buck) Davidson Jr. finished in third place after fellow Americans Michael Pollard and Marilyn Little dropped down the leaderboard after hitting rails.

Sinead Halpin (USA) riding Manoir De Carneville, finished on the same score as Buck Davidson, but as Buck was nearest to the optimum time on the Cross Country phase, he took third place. Marilyn Little (USA) finished with two in the top 10 and William Fox-Pitt also finished on Seacookie in ninth place too, to complete another great Rolex Kentucky Three-Day event for the Fox-Pitt Eventing team.

Final Results after the Show Jumping Phase

1. William Fox-Pitt/Bay My Hero (GBR) 44.0
2. Lauren Kieffer/Veronica (USA) 46.7
3. Bruce (Buck) Davidson Jr/Ballynoe Castle RM (USA) 51.7
4. Sinead Halpin/Manoir De Carneville (USA) 51.7
5. Marilyn Little/RF Smoke on the Water (USA) 52.5
6. Marilyn Little/RF Demeter (USA) 55.3
7. Jan Byyny/Inmidair (USA) 56.7
8. Phillip Dutton/Trading Aces (USA) 52.5
9. William Fox-Pitt/Seacookie (GBR) 59.1
10. Selena O’Hanlon/Foxwood High (CAN) 59.4

New Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing Contender

As the winner of the 2014 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, William Fox-Pitt now becomes the new live contender of the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing prize and will go to the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials in two weeks in search of victory and the second leg of the Rolex Grand Slam events.

Quotes from William Fox-Pitt (GBR)

Q. William – Bay May Hero – that was a nail-biting finish – but your horse was brilliant?

He was superb. Lauren really put the pressure on so I was going in there thinking I am so pleased that even if its not me then its going to be an American because the support is so amazing over here. The atmosphere in there was crazy – he jumped so well – he was magic! Its very, very exciting and so good to have an American second as well is great for the sport and USA is looking in great shape for WEG, but I am so pleased with my chap. I’ve had some huge fun here and this is another bit of it.

Quotes from Lauren Kieffer (USA)

Q. Lauren – were you as cool as you looked?

It took a lot of mental focus to stay cool, but I really tried to go in there and ride it like anything else – I think my coach will be pleased with me!

Quotes from Bruce (Buck) Davidson Jr. (USA)

Q. Buck – great horse and great ride?

Reg (Ballynoe Castle RM) has been a consistent horse his whole career. It was only a couple of months ago that he was in hospital with pneumonia – the heart that that horse has is unbelievable – basically if you tell him its Kentucky and he’ll go!

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Foto: (c) courtesy of ROLEX

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